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panOpen Education is a comprehensive content delivery provider Are you keeping pace with the way students learn today?

A better way to deliver and use educational resources

We can help you:

Award-winning tools & support for​

White label content delivery platform

Easily convert textbooks to engaging educational experiences

panOpen Education helps students learn more effectively from your content:

If these challenges resonate, we can help!

How we do it

We put publishers and content creators front and center

Our white label tools look and feel like your own, while our support team stays in the background to help with everything from content ingestion, training, onboarding, tech help, customer service, and custom projects.

A tailored instructional experience

In panOpen, faculty have unprecedented control over content, with the ability to customize, tailor, and add materials to mirror the way they prefer to teach.

Add interactive media & links

Upload documents

Reorder, remix, and modify content

Customize and collaborate

Your content, delivered the way students learn today

One of the chief reasons why students do not purchase textbooks is because the perceived value does not justify the cost when they have alternatives. More than ever, today’s students are audio-visual learners and need their learning materials to offer rich multimedia learning experiences and activities. We help raise your content to meet this expectation, while lowering the pricepoint for students and increasing publisher revenue. All while remaining in one platform.

Highlight important text

Create and share notes

Check your understanding

Watch videos

Meets accessibility standards

A full-featured learning platform

panOpen Education provides publishers and content creators the richness of the toolsets from the largest publishers without the accompanying costs. The result is an exceptional and affordable learning experience.

Single sign-on & gradebook syncing​

Students can sign up for panOpen directly from your Learning Management System (LMS) and faculty can easily sync grades between the two.

Students stick to the schedule you set

Set release dates and due dates for any component in the panOpen platform, including assessments.​

Review & track your students' progress

Faculty can track student progress, see assessment scores, and view analytics that show how students are engaging with content.


Brian Littleton Mott Community College, Michigan

“panOpen is a wonderful platform to use as you can finally create the textbook that is best for your class. You can create a textbook to cover your specific learning objectives and not solely rely upon a textbook’s learning objectives.”

Hasmik Arakelyan California State University, Los Angeles

“The redesigned course encourages engagement, there are assignments that make students think of psychological concepts outside of the classroom, and see how it applies to their everyday experiences, analyze and evaluate information in more depth to come up with their own examples that demonstrate understanding of the material.”

Anna Grazioso Elmira College, New York

“Very easy to use. Everything is a click away.”

Raymond Tracy Ventura College, California

“I really like panOpen for several reasons, but the main one is that I can create a slide show and embed it into the text, or add notes that are styled just like the textbook where I can tell them my personal thoughts. Basically, the edition capabilities the platform has for instructors.”

Gaithri Fernando California State University, Los Angeles

“The most useful parts for me are the features that track the amount of time a student spends on the material and permit instructors to add information they deem important. I found the support staff to be particularly responsive, timely, and helpful.”

Willian Brower Del Mar College, Texas

“Inexpensive and thorough homework system utilizing OpenSTAX textbooks. Very easy for instructors to use, without much of a “learning curve.”Good instruction documents for both new instructors and students.”

Kyle Green SUNY Brockport, New York

“This is the first time that I’ve used a platform like this, and there wasn’t much of a learning curve, right? panOpen was relatively easy to figure out, and students could figure it out without too much of a problem. So that was it, that was the most important to me.”

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